Liger Enterprises is a full service global entertainment company offering a complete line of entertainment solutions for content creators.
As the name implies, “Liger” (a hybrid cat – part Lion, part Tiger) is bringing the best of a breed under one roof providing boutique service and best in class content.

A focused approach allows entertainers, writers and content creators to benefit through a community of seasoned professionals with a likeminded approach to consumer engagement and commerce.

The world is noisy and it is important to create compelling, unique and varied content. Liger provides creators with the necessary tools to nurture and incubate creative experiences including artist development, content creation, production and monetization of publishing assets, live events, as well as, audio/visual content.

Focused on compelling music with a mainstream appeal, Liger has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Nashville. The enterprise provides end-to-end solutions for content branding and monetization. Members of the Liger Family enjoy a full-service experience defined by creativity, authenticity and an uncompromising commitment to artistry.

Liger never defines the creative process, we enhance it.

“When you are the best in class, you have no competition.” – Ron A. Spaulding, Founder and CEO





Ron A. Spaulding is a senior executive and business leader. He specializes in the music and entertainment space with expertise in brand development, content marketing strategies, P&L management, building successful business operations and driving dramatic turnarounds for entertainment companies which outpace competitors. Ron is a unique blend of large company sophistication and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

His executive path began making history as a noted leader within Priority Records organization where Ron built a strong reputation in the urban entertainment community for his integrity, results- based initiatives and creative vision. An authentic leader and strategist with an inspiring track record, Ron has played a lead role in both major and independent labels, as well as, major and independent distribution divisions at the largest music companies in the world including; Universal Music Group, Capitol Music Group, Warner Music Group, Elektra Entertainment Group, Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Corporation and Fontana Distribution.

Ron serves as Founder and CEO of Liger Enterprises, a globally focused audio and visual content solutions company. His role includes oversight and direction for all areas of the company.

He has been recognized with many awards including numerous RIAA certified Gold (500k+ sales) and Platinum (1m+ sales) albums and #1 Billboard charting releases, as well as, Universal Music Group’s “Executive Star Performer” and NARIP’s “Best in the Biz Award”. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for both national charities and for profit companies. Outside of his professional life, Ron enjoys outdoor activities, is an avid golfer, fitness enthusiast and motorcycle aficionado. Ron’s passions include public speaking, serving underprivileged youth, unconditional acts of kindness and mentoring young adults to define and realize their true potential in the universe.

“It’s all about passion… do what you love and love what you do…that ain’t work, that is success.”
– Ron A. Spaulding


Co Founder/President

What is baseball legend Frank Thomas doing in the entertainment industry? He would argue that he has always been in it. Frank made his Major League debut in 1990 with the Chicago White Sox. Nicknamed “The Big Hurt” for his impressive hitting record, Frank wanted to make hits in the entertainment industry, and in 1992 established Big Hurt Enterprises. Focused on sports marketing and entertainment, Frank secured many national advertising campaigns, starred in the film Mr. Baseball and appeared on all the premiere late-night and daytime talk shows.

In 1996, Frank’s passion for music led him to establish his own independent record label, Un-D-Nyable Entertainment. He discovered many talented R&B and Hip Hop artists and was hands on in all aspects of the company. In 2007, upon a move to Las Vegas, Frank started W2W Records, focusing on Pop and Hip Hop genres. W2W Records led Frank to Ron Spaulding, then head of Fontana Distribution, where they engaged in their first business deal together. Frank and Ron forged a lifelong friendship, which has created many business dealings, including Liger Enterprises.

Retired from Baseball in 2010 and inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2014, Frank’s sole focus is his entertainment dealings and serving as an analyst for Fox Sports’ MLB regular season, postseason and World Series coverage. Frank brings a unique perspective to the music and entertainment world with unparalleled contacts, passion and a love for the game of music.

“There are many roads to success, those that drive down multiple roads are the ones that reach unparalleled amounts of fulfillment. Words I live by: Hard work, dedication and willingness to be a little uncomfortable.”
– Frank Thomas

Tony “X”


Tony “X” Franklin is one of the hardest working executives in the music industry. His career began as a street promoter for Rap-A-Lot Records. Hailing from the Midwest, Tony migrated to Houston, TX in search of his opportunity to gain entrance into the music industry. He quickly rose and established NuBlud Management – a promotions/marketing firm that developed market leadership positioning to improve service-based retail programs. The client list included Rap-A -Lot Records, Suave House, Cash Money/ Priority/ Elektra/ TVT/ Jive/ Sucka Free as well as Rain Forest Films/Artisan Pictures and a host of independent labels and movie houses.

With the success of NuBlud, Franklin forged a relationship between Swisha House and Asylum Records (a division of Warner Music Group). He was then named Director of Lifestyles at Asylum while working regional radio mix shows for the company. While at Asylum, Tony was instrumental in delivering two platinum artists Mike Jones and Paul Wall (1M+ sales) and two gold artists Bun B and Pimp C (500k+ sales). These new responsibilities afforded “X” new opportunities and he took full advantage by hanging Asylum plaques for several more acts, as well as, being recognized as the Executive of the Year by Ohio Hip Hop Awards on four separate occasions.

Today Franklin serves as a key executive at Liger Enterprises where he oversees the day-to-day operations. He is responsible for promotions, contracts, marketing, A&R, and company direction.

“Liger is creating an entertainment conglomerate. There is no element we cannot influence through our mission. At Liger we always seek out excellent talent to engage with.”
– Tony “X” Franklin